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Accessing to "Welcome-Neighbor" (


and to the link connected to it) the user accepts to be legally restrained to the following conditions. If you do not accept to be legally limited to the following using conditions don't use the the services offered by Welcome Neighbor.  The using conditions may change at any moment, it will be our obligation to inform you of such changes, therefore it is a good idea to frequently check these pages for possible changes since continuous use of Welcome Neighbor services imply the complete acceptance of using conditions.


Do you agree not to send any type of offence,obscenity, vulgarity, Slander, Threat,  Sexual orientation, or any other kind of material that can violate any law ofone's own state ,or of the State wherein Welcome Neighbor is hosted, or of an international law. Doing so leads to immediate and permanent forbiddance to accesswith notification to your internet provider if we consider it opportune.  All IP addresses are registered to safeguard and reinforce these conditions.  Do you agree that Welcome Neighbor has the right to remove,rewrite,move or close any topic at any time it considers it necessary.  As user of this service,do you accept that every information you have sent will be stored ina data base. At the same time, this information will not be spread to anyone withoutyour consent, nor will Welcome Neighbor or Computer Production are to be held responsible for any violation to the system that may compromise this information.


Treatment of personal data and Privacy

The herein Privacy Policy has the aim to describe the web sites managementsystems,   belonging to Welcome Neighbor .  Of   first, second and third level,  in reference to the Treatment of the users' Personal Data, the visitors who consult them.  


Welcome Neighbor deals with all users/visitors' personal data of offered services, in full respect of what is expected by national Italian law.  Privacy matter and, in particular D. Lgs. 196/2003.


Whereas access to particular servvices should be subordinated to registration through personal data communication, a specific information is supplied at the moment of subscription to these services.

Acquisition of data, which may be requested, is the indispensable requirement

to access to the services offered on the website. Welcome Neighbor stores the technical data to connections (log) in order to allow security checks required by law and in order to improve quality of services offered and personalize them in relation the requirements of the users/visitors.


Inserted data may be used by Welcome Neighbor also in order to send e-mail messages containing  ngpublicity promotional material, promotional initiatives, commercial information. 

Personal data, collected and stored in Bank data byWelcome Neighbor , are dealt with by dependants or collaborators of the person in charge of management in the role which has been assigned to them.

  They are not subject to spreading the information to third parties, unless in cases expected by the informativeand or by law, in any case, in the ways which it allows.


Welcome Neighbor carries out , under the actual law pertaining to this matter, to the registration of log files. Such data do not allow user identification if not following a series of operations of inter connection elaboration, and necessarity through data supplied by other providers.

Operations which could be carried out exclusively by competent judiciary authorities to this authorized by expressed law dispositions to prevent and/or reprimand the criminal offences.


On the Welcome Neighbor websites, some temporary markers (cookies) are used for "cookies" we intend the information data  which is active during theconnection, which is transmitted by Welcome Neighbor to the user's computer in order toallow a fast identification .

The user may deactivate the cookie by changing the browser formulation.  Please be advised that such diactivation may slow down or unable access to all or part of the site.

Google, in the role of pubblicity seller and dealer, uses the cookie system to serve publicity on this website.  

The DART Cookie system allows used by Google permits publicity on this website based upon visitors to this and to other sites. 

Users may renounce to the use of DART Cookie system by going on the Google add page and content network privacy policy


Welcome Neighbor uses the Google Analytics to generate access statistics to the site pages for traffic analysis inside data.  

Supplied by Google, Analytics don't allow in any way to  identify the single user who is interacting on the web pages, but reports attached information on what the surfing dynamics within the website are.  The number of users and the visualized pages.  


When users/visitors send off their own personal data in order to access certain services, therefore in order to carry our requests through electronic mail, Welcome Neighbor will obtain the user's address,and /or other personal data.  Such data will be treated exclusively in order to reply to the request, or to supply the service, and will be communicated to third parties only in case it is necessary to comply with the users/visitors Requests.


The treatment is carried out through automated services for the time strictly necessary to consent the reasons for which personal data have been collectedand, in any case, in compliance with the Normative dispositions normative on this matter

Specific security measures are observed in order to preventloss of data, illegal use, incorrectand unauthorized accesses . 


Welcome Neighbor may not be responsible for any unauthorized access nor of loss of personal information out of its control. 


Users/visitors have the right to perform the rights which are found inArt. 7 of D. Lgs. 196/03. at any moment, moreover, having the right to recess from all underwritten services, it is possible to ask total cancellation of supplied data.


Art. 7. right to access Personal Data and other rights.

1. The interested party has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data which pertain to him or her, even if not yet registered , and their communication in intelligible form.

2. The interested party has the right to obtain the indication:


a) the origins of personal data;

b) final use and modality of treatment;

c) the logics applied in case of treatment carried out with electronic instruments ;

d) the mamagers identification,those responsible, the designated representative to the Article , comma 2;

e) the  people or the cathegory of people to whom personal data may be communicated that may come to know them in the role of representative designated in the area of State,the responsible or assigned people.


3. the interested party has the right to obtain:


a) The update,the rectification or, when there is an interest of data integration ;

b), transformationin anonymous form , or data blockage treated in law violation, included those for which Conservation is not necessary in relation to reasons for which data have been collected oreventually treated ;

c) Certification that operations referred to in letters a) and b) have been exposed,also regarding their content by those to whom data has been communicated or spread with the exception of the case in which such action becomes impossible requires the involvement of unproportionate means in respect to the safeguarded rights  .


4. the interested party has the right to opposition, in everything or in part:


a) for reasons pertaining to the treatment of personal data which concern him, also pertaining to the reason for the collection;

b) to the treatment of personal data which concern him regarding publicity material or direct sale or for completion market research or commercial information .